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What good is a beautiful, modern, impeccably designed website if no one knows it’s there?

At Rees + Stager, we don’t let clients spend money without understanding how that investment benefits their business. When we create websites, we strongly encourage planning for search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM/Google ads) from day one. Our SEO partner employs expert strategists who spend each and every day investigating the newest strategies and analytics. Together, we then dive deep into the data to make sure every keyword and Google ad we target leads to real customer conversions. It’s all about quality over quantity.

Many SEO and digital consultants simply deliver a monthly bill or a brief but confusing report that takes advantage of the lack of understanding many business owners have when it comes to SEO. We make sure our clients clearly understand the big picture goals and the nitty gritty of their website’s search engine performance. We don’t operate behind a curtain, because we want our clients to know the value they’re getting for their investment.

If you aren’t doing regular SEO to your website, you are missing out on opportunities. Let us help you connect the dots. Request a free SEO audit today.