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Marketing Strategy

Every part of our business philosophy is infused with the concepts of partnership and strategy. We love being inspired by the amazing work of our clients, whether they’re a non-profit primate sanctuary, a family-run construction outfit, or an historic inn. We want to use our background in all aspects of marketing (design, web, advertising, SEO, social media, and content creation) to get the word out about what makes our clients the best in their industry. We love being there for the a-ha moments when our clients see first-hand how effective marketing can make great things happen.

At Rees + Stager, we’re not about piecemeal work. Our job isn’t to churn out a bunch of logos or mock-up the same old ad. We want to be in on the ground floor, seeing the big picture of your activities. We bring with us an outsider’s perspective on marketing plans and a heart-felt commitment to building relationships. Every marketing plan we develop is tied back to our understanding of our clients’ values, brand story, and business needs.

And we don’t let our clients waste money. There’s plenty of splashy ways to throw capital at marketing without getting a significant return on that investment. Through our 12 years of experience, we’ve helped our clients find atypical and clever ways to turn their customers into brand evangelists through meaningful (and often inexpensive) interactions. From planning innovative client appreciation events to evaluating networking opportunities, we go for results rather than big bucks.

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